We firmly believe that a more conscious way to pursue our lives and work practices is possible. As people, especially business owners, we must all do our part, no matter how small we think our impact is.

We are committed to carrying out our practice in the most responsible way possible, being transparent about our sustainability journey, supporting those who share our vision and influencing our stakeholders in making responsible choices.

Below, you can learn more about our ethical manufacturing choices and commitment to the community and environment. Small, simple actions that we hope can positively impact our industry.

Waste minimisation

Appliques are quintessentially a sustainable technique allowing to repurpose and upcycle the smallest leftover material to add beauty, unicity and value to another object.

We give unused materials a second life by donating them to charity organisations, schools or local artists.

We recycle what cannot be repurposed or donated through First Mile, a low-impact UK recycling service company.

Respect for craftsmanship and for people

By definition, craftsmanship is the quality that something has when it is beautiful and has been very carefully made.
We strive to create products that last, with attention to detail and respecting the natural work timeframe.

We have a strong position on fast and slow fashion; we reject mass production and sustain the slow movement as a connection between materials, the workforce and the environment.

Ethical manufacturing for us means caring about every aspect of our business and supply chain, valuing our people and treating everyone with fairness, dignity, respect and professionalism.

We collaborate with sustainable accessories brands advising on environmentally friendly materials and conscious production choices.

Sustainable materials

We know that every creative process inevitably leaves a footprint, but we put all our efforts into reducing our impact.

In our studio, we stock sustainable leather sourced from end-of-season leftovers that we can repurpose for our projects.

In fact, due to its durability and versatility, leather can be recycled, upcycled, and transformed into a brand-new, sustainable, and long-lasting product.

We also source from leather suppliers complying with European standards and manufacturers of sustainable leather alternatives, providing certifications such as ISO 14001, OEKO-TEX, USDA, and GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD.


By encouraging our clients to use sustainable leather, fabric and vegan leather, we wish to reduce the environmental footprint rather than turn a blind eye to waste and its enormous disposal impact.

Skill sharing and social commitment

Through our parallel business, the London Leather Workshop, an essential part of our commitment is the dedication to the education and support of the next generation of creatives in the design, furnishing, fashion and accessories industries.

We assist students, graduates and non-profit organisations by offering discounts on services and products or free consultations on their projects.

Since 2020, we have been mentors for The Prince’s Trust Enterprise program, helping young entrepreneurs at the early stage of their business. 


We support our community by favouring local suppliers and employing local workforce.