At The Appliqué Embroidery Studio, we don’t just offer customised embroidery services; we also assist with handbag sampling and manufacturing.


We work with accessory designers looking to incorporate embellishments into their collections and accept private commissions for one-off bespoke pieces. Our signature customised embroidery work combines traditional techniques with appliqués and quilting methods, creating simple or elaborate embellishments to enrich any accessory.

Furthermore, with 20 years of experience in the bag-making industry and a broad knowledge of accessories, handbags, and leather goods manufacturing, sampling, and designing, we can also assist in designing, developing and bringing to life an entire accessory collection.  Learn more about this service.


From our workshop in South East London, we can design and manufacture bespoke embroidery works for

 the embellishment of most types of fashion accessories and leather goods such as handbags, small accessories or hats.

Our signature technique can be applied to very simple or more elaborate concepts according to the brief.

We help our clients develop a customised embellishment based on the style, price range, shape and functionality of the piece where it will be applied.


Our bespoke embroidery service for accessories can be completely customised.

We work very closely with our customers and always start any project with an initial consultation, in person or online.

We can assist with both the design and realisation of our clients’ ideas and advise them on the best materials and techniques.


We can work on a pre-existing design or create completely original artwork if needed.

Once the design and the materials are approved, we will translate the design into a one-off piece or a series of custom embellishments.


Whether working on a single design or a small-medium scale production, we strive to align with our customers’ standards and respect their targets and deadlines.


Whether we are commissioned a unique embellished bag or an appliqué design for an accessory line, it is important to note that this type of work cannot be carried on a finished product; we will need to be provided with the item’s single panel(s) before they are assembled.

If needed, we can also assist our clients during the whole process with our accessory handbag sampling and manufacturing service (more info below in this page).


SAMPLING/ ONE-OFF PIECE(S): For our appliqué sampling service, we charge at our standard hourly rate of £40/hour; the time required depends on the design’s size and complexity.

We require a half-day (4 hours) minimum charge on all projects.

PRODUCTION: The production cost per piece depends on the complexity of the design(s) and order size and is charged at our standard rate starting from £30/hour.

Production becomes cheaper for larger orders.

We will be able to give you an accurate production quote after the realisation of the first sample.


Through our parallel project, The London Leather Workshop, we offer professional support for handbags and leather goods manufacturing, sampling and designing.

Whether a start-up or an established brand, we can assist our clients in designing and defining the features of their project, choosing the suitable material(s), developing the pattern, creating a sample and running small/medium productions.


Design/consultancy/development of single accessory designs or entire collections


We assist fashion graduates, startups and established designers to design products that can be manufactured on a small or large scale.

With our long experience as sample makers and manufacturers, we can translate our clients’ vision into a design that reflects their style and brand values while considering their budget and deadline.


Material sourcing

Finding a suitable material(s) for an accessory collection means taking into consideration different factors such as price, performance, accessibility and sustainability. 

Materials also define the product’s construction, finishing techniques and, consequently, its manufacturing price.

This research can be complex and overwhelming.

We work with trusted leather, vegan leather fabric and fittings suppliers and can guide our clients in the right direction.

Accessory and handbag sampling:

Sampling is the realisation of a one-off product to test a style’s design, materials and construction.

Sampling provides an opportunity to make any needed amendments to the design to ensure a smooth and cost-effective production run. 

We assist new designers, startups and established brands in the sampling of fashion accessories (handbags, rucksacks, purses, wallets, etc), pet accessories (collars, leads harnesses, etc), selected garments and soft furnishings (cushions, etc).


Leathergoods and accessories manufacturers:

Following the sampling phase, we can deliver small and medium production runs for our customers. We have experience working with luxury, mid-luxury brands and clients with lower price points for their products.

For our accessory and bag manufacturing service, we require a very low minimum order for production (5 pieces per style, size and colour).



SAMPLING SERVICES are charged at our standard hourly rate starting from £24/hour

MANUFACTURING SERVICES are charged per project based on our hourly rate starting from £24/hour


Please note that we will be able to give an accurate quote for the consultancy and prototyping services once all the project details have been discussed.
We will only be able to give a quote for production after the prototyping phase.

Have a project or an idea you would like to discuss with us?