Through our applique-making and bespoke embroidery services, we can assist in designing and making custom embellishments for a variety of interior pieces.

Our signature work is completely carried out in our South East London Studio and combines techniques borrowed from the fashion world, such as embroidery design and pattern making, with the homeware and interior tradition.

The technique offers endless possibilities allowing experimentation with shapes, colours and textures, resulting in original designs for the embellishment of homeware and soft furnishings.

We can offer a complete service from research, design and development of one design or small-medium scale productions, creating original artwork or working with pre-existing designs or inspirations.

We accept commissions for private and commercial spaces.


With the combination of our in-house know-how and the contribution of talented craftspeople, skilled machinists and trusted upholsterers, we can carry out our signature appliqués on most upholstery items creating luxury bespoke interiors and statement pieces.

For example, we can assist with the creation of unique appliqued cushions, wall panels or wallcoverings, embroidered headboards, artworks for store window displays and much more.

We work with homeware designers, interior stylists and private individuals, creating original custom embellishments based on the object’s style, price range and functionality.


From our London workshop, we offer a complete service from research, design and development of bespoke embroidery and embellishments for interiors.

During a first consultation (in-person or online), we discuss our clients’ ideas and find the best technique, material(s), placement and size for the project.

We can create original artworks from scratch or work with clients’ designs.


Once the design is defined and the materials selected, we will translate the artwork into a one-off piece or a series of custom embroidery.


Regardless of the order size, we provide a completely customised service and commit to meeting our clients’ standards, targets and deadlines.


It’s important to know that the fabric and leather appliqué work is carried out on unfinished products; this means that whether we are working on an appliqued cushion or any other piece of soft furnishing, we will work on the item’s specific(s) areas before they are sewn and we will need to be provided with the unassembled panel(s).


SAMPLING/ ONE-OFF PIECE(S): For our appliqué sampling service, we charge at our standard hourly rate of £40/hour; the time required depends on the design’s size and complexity.

We require a half-day (4 hours) minimum charge on all projects.


PRODUCTION: The production cost per piece depends on the complexity of the design(s) and order size and is charged at our standard rate starting from £30/hour.

Production becomes cheaper for larger orders.

We will be able to give you an accurate production quote after the realisation of the first sample

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