What is an appliqué?

By definition, an appliqué is an embellishment technique by which pieces of material are sewn to another material.

Why incorporate embroidered appliqués into your design?

This technique offers endless possibilities. 

It allows experimenting with shapes, colours and textures and building depth through layering.

Depending on the design, materials and colours chosen, it can be a delicate embellishment for a fashion item or upholstered piece or become a bold statement, a work of art even.

Our work

Our signature appliqués are a modern evolution of the traditional technique and combine machine embroidery, garment pattern making and fabric and leather manipulation.


From the simplest idea to the more elaborate motive, we can realise different kinds of appliqué works using different methods.  Depending on the brief, we can create more or less intricate layering and add tridimensional effects. 


Whether you are a designer looking for the perfect embellishment for your collection or looking to add bespoke touches to homeware or accessories, we can create an original design following your specific requirements realising one-off pieces or small/medium production runs.

Our craftsmanship

The process is entirely handmade; we first create a multi pieces pattern from a hand-drawn design, then trace the pattern into the material, hand-cut each element and assemble the composition to be ready to be finally sewn by an expert machinist. 

To bring additional character to the composition, we can add hand-painted elements to the design, emphasising depth contrast, luminosity, movement and texture.


1. Artwork creation

The first step is always an initial meeting where we will discuss your idea and requirements; then we will create a hand-drawing.


We have a completely bespoke approach to each client; we can create original artwork or work with pre-existing designs or inspirations, depending on the project. 

2. Choice of Materials

The choice of materials depends on the technique and the effect required. Raw cut appliqués are usually made of leather, vegan leather or any fabric or material that does not fray.

We have a limited stock of beautiful upcycled leathers that can be used for one-of-a-kind projects or small production, but we can source any suitable material or use the material provided by the client.

3. Realisation

Once the design is approved and the materials selected, we will create the pattern and realise the appliqué work. It can be a one-off piece or a series.

If you are developing an appliqued accessory or handbag, we can assist you with the entire process through our accessory and handbag sampling and manufacturing service. Learn more.



The consultation phase of our embroidered applique service is charged at the standard hourly rate of £40. The duration of this phase depends on the complexity of the design and we will be able to give you a quote after the first half hour of consultation. At the end of this stage, a hand drawing will be created.

This package includes:

– A consultation during which we will discuss the design and materials (time depends on the complexity of the design)

– 1 Hand drawing creation

– Review meeting

– Alterations to the design (if needed/requested)


The sampling is charged at the standard hourly rate of £40 and we will be able to give you a quote for this phase after our consultation meeting.

During this stage, we will create a pattern based on the final artwork and realise the final work.


After the first sample, if requested, we can reproduce the same design in a series.

For more than 5 pieces of the same design, material and colour range, our hourly rate starts from £30 depending on the quantity ordered.


Lead time depends on the complexity of the design, order size and our workload at the time of commission.

We usually deliver the samples in 3-5 weeks after we have received all materials and the deposit payment and can start production within 4-6 weeks after we have received all materials and the deposit payment.

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