Creating signature fabric, vegan leather and leather embroidered appliqués and custom embellishments for fashion & interiors, combining traditional techniques with unique artistic flair. Working with fashion and interior designers, artists and brands.


We are an artisanal design and manufacturing studio offering bespoke appliqué and embroidery services to embellish fashion garments, fashion accessories and home furnishings.

We assist creatives, established brands, startups, students and private clients in designing, developing and realising unique custom embellishments in leather, vegan leather or fabric, whether an individual piece or a small/medium production.

We welcome our clients to our South East London studio but can also assist remotely.

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From our multidisciplinary South East London riverside studio, we assist fashion and interior designers, creatives and students and welcome private commissions.

We are a small team and over the years, we have built a great family of talented specialised craftspeople to complement our in-house services.

Today we proudly offer the following services:

Embroidered appliqués

Our bespoke embroidery designs can be realised on fashion garments & accessories, soft furnishings and home decor. Browse our portfolio.

We can offer a complete service from research, design and development of one design or small-medium scale productions, creating original artwork or working with pre-existing designs or inspirations. 

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Bags and accessories

We are also co-founders of a flourishing parallel project, The London Leather Workshop, through which we offer professional support from the design, to the sampling, to the manufacturing of bags, accessories and soft furnishings.

We work with local and international clients, from startups to established brands.

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Training and skill-sharing

We treasure our craft but are happy to share our skills and knowledge with professionals and amateurs that feel the same passion. 

We offer training in appliqués making, leathercraft, accessory design and bag and accessories making in the form of private or small group classes.


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Appliqué making and bespoke embroidery services are not our only expertise, we are professional designers, experienced sample makers and manufacturers of bags and accessories and we have more than 20 years of experience in the industry working with leather, vegan leather and most types of fabric.


Our combined range of expertise is a guarantee for all-encompassing assistance for most accessory projects, from design to manufacturing.


We are always passionate about our clients’ vision and creative ambitions and we strive to help find the best solutions while aligning with their standards and hitting their targets and deadlines.


To create our appliqués, we stock a range of beautiful Italian leather that excels in quality and sustainability.

We source our leather from the historical leather district in Tuscany, where we acquire surplus material and manufacture leftovers from top luxury brands. By doing so, we get hold of premium materials while actively contributing to waste reduction in the industry. 

Every year, we rescue about a ton of this precious material that would otherwise end up in landfills.
Our effort demonstrates that creating a positive impact on the environment while producing beautiful craftsmanship is possible.


We take great pride in our work and we believe that excellence can only be attained by combining uniqueness and individuality forged with consciousness, respect for the environment, the people and the natural timeline of work. 


We prioritise the well-being of our collaborators and foster a welcoming and friendly environment for our customers while offering professional, personal and transparent service at all times.


An essential part of our sustainability commitment is the dedication to the education and support of the next generation of creatives contributing to the growth of a sustainable living mindset for future generations of our industry.

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